David Smith, BSc (Hon’s) Podiatry, MCPod, NSPA, CPMA
David2 (1)David was born and raised in the small town of Sherborne in Dorset England. After leaving school he joined the Royal Navy and spent the next 7 years travelling the world. He says that the Navy was a good experience and helped to make him who he is today.

After leaving the Navy David had various managerial jobs, but none that really gave him the total job satisfaction he craved. So at the age of 31 he decided to return to full time education and pursue his dreams of becoming a health professional and trained to be a podiatrist. In 2004 David graduated from University of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England with a Bachelor of Science Dergree with Honours in Podiatry.

David’s first role was consulting for Scholl Foot care clinics providing
podiatric services in various locations across the UK.  Shortly after this David and his family relocated to Stavanger, Norway. Where he set his own clinic specializing in general foot care service, biomechanics and sports injuries, specialised insoles (Orthotics) and diabetic foot care.

Now David and his family relocated again to Nova Scotia, Canada where he services several clinics covering the same specializations. To find a clinic near you, go to the ‘Clinic Locations’ menu above.